My Favorite Fashion Sites & Blogs

Who What Wear

I love love love this site! WhoWhatWear features daily collages that go straight to your inbox. The site features famous guest bloggers including Nicole Richie,  Rachael Zoe, Kate Bosworth and many more starlet fashionistas! WWW recently published a book featuring guides on what to wear where.

The Sartorialist

Need I say more…? The Sartorialist is one the most amazing fashion and photography blogs out there. Scott Schuman goes around different cities around the world taking beautiful images of fashionable people. A perfect site to get a unique take on fashion and be inspired to play around with your own wardrobe. My personal favorites are the photographs taken in Milano and Paris, especially during the fashion weeks!

Love Maegen

This fashionista is all things fabulous! She has a whole DIY section with clothing, accessories and home décor. On top of all this awesomeness, she has amazing hair styling videos. This site is the one every fashionista should check out at least once a week to see what’s up! She even posts her stylish outfits she supports while living her lavish LA life!

Starstyle Inc

This is my go to site when I have no idea what to wear. This site categorizes looks according to celebrities so you can click on your favorites right away. The bonus: they tell you where the specific outfits are from if you want to buy your own. My personal favorite fashionistas to look at are Olivia Palemero and Nicole Richie. I’m can’t wait for them to make a Rachel Zoe and Alexa Chung page!


Polyvore is every trendsetter’s creative outlet. The site allows members to create unique collages of outfits and inspirations. It also features clothing from virtually any shopping site online, making it a great online shopping tool. Much love goes out to polyvore, I even use the site to help me choose apparel for my collages.

Jak and Jill

Tommy Ton is the creative man behind his amazing site. Jak and Jill is a photography blog geared towards fashion. Tommy Ton goes all around the world photographing beautiful outfits and people.

PS I Made This

Erica Domesek created this this ultimate DIY guide for all fashionistas. Not all of us can afford to splurge on the latest trend, but Erica teaches you how all the tricks to creates popular runway looks at home. Bonus: PS I Made This just got published in book form, enjoy!


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