All Day I Dream About… Zara!

I was browsing through Zara’s site to see what was up in the Spanish fashion world… Here’s some fab. outfits that I want on me for summer! (SF summer that is… ie. the pants!) Enjoy!

The basics for being fashionable… black, white and color!

Green is an awesome summer color that you can take into fall… (imagine tights and boots, a blazer and possibly a scarf)

Floral print, need I say more?

I love the colors on this piece… def. can take it into fall too!

I love everything in this outfit! I’d probably pair the blazer with a white or creme pant instead. The blue pants, i’d make it fun with a red top or keep is simple with a white loose shirt and some red accents.
I love playing up black and white with a random color — always keeps it looking fresh!
Imagine… red lipstick and a red bag!
Potential birthday dress and carry it on to new years? <3 it!

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