5 Things to Rock Before Spring Starts Calling

Yeah, I know… Winter… Blah! BUT, why not make the most of it by wearing super cute trends you can’t rock when the sun is shinning? Here are a couple things that are on my list to grab — especially now, since most winter items are on sale! Bring it on win-tah!

1. FUR VEST: You can toss this trendy piece on top of anything.. I love throwing mine on top of my blazer and pair it with some brown boots, dark wash jeans and some shades.

Revolve Clothing, $65

2. ABOVE KNEE BOOT: This trend hasn’t left my mind for years now. I got my above knee cuff boots a couple years ago and still rock them. Best part about the cuff, when I don’t feel like going above-knee, a simple fold does the trick.

Dolce Vita 'Crosby' Suede Above The Knee Boots $320Dolce Vita Above Knee Boot, $96

3. OVERSIZED PONCHO: Can’t go wrong with an over-sized sweater or poncho… the best part? It goes all year long, especially if you live in SF.. Rock it with shorts, jeans, over a dress.. you name it.. you can do it..

Jacquard Hooded Poncho

Whitney Eve Poncho, $135

4. TOOGLE BUTTON COAT: Toggle buttons are of on my favorite details that spruce up a boring winter coat. You can wear this coat day or night, over anything and most importantly all they way from fall to early spring. Plus, you could be wearing an oversized gym t-shirt under it while on your way to workout and you would still look fab.

Image: MarshallMatlock.com, I wish I knew where the coat was from!

5. HEAVY KNIT SCARF: Cutest and warmest way to play up any outfit — a knitted scarf. Rock it with jeans, boots and a t-shirt… voila! — you’re a fashionista waiting to shine. AND if you wear your hair in a Japanese hair bun and pair the look with a bright lipstick [see below], you’ll definitely get bonus points in my books!

NastyGal.com, $38


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