5 Easy Looks for ‘Those’ Mornings…

Nothing is worse than not hearing your alarm, rushing your make-up job and the biggest dilemma… What am I going to wear!? Especially when your brain is half-functioning.. this can be the most daunting part of your morning…

Here’s a little inspiration from our favorite fashionistas that just might save you 30 mins of rummaging through your closet…

1. Black on Black + Colored Accessories

Layer up your black clothing and just through in some color with your accessories. The accent pieces can work with any color and makes any outfit look classic and fashionable.

2. White Dress Shirt + Necklace

Might be too cold for shorts.. but the easiest thing you can do is… a fresh white shirt + black bottoms (be it pants, skirt or shorts) and a necklace (try tucking your necklace into the collar of your shirt to try something different) and you’re done… Toss on a colored cardigan if you’re feeling cold. Classic!

3. Blazer on top of… everything

Your blazer is your best friend. Don’t have one? Get on it! This time-less piece goes great over anything. Keep it simple with Jeans, a t-shirt and boots or play up a summer dress with a blazer and tights.

4. Colored Pants

Colored Pants… Easiest thing to style up.. Best part is you can keep it simple at the top and still look glamorous!

5. Accent Scarf


Toss on a scarf… Love SJP’s leopard print scarf and Rachel Bilson’s mustard scarf.. easily jazzes up any outfit. You can do black on black like SJP or black pants and white t-shirt like Rachel… You’ll be out the door in 5 mins!


One thought on “5 Easy Looks for ‘Those’ Mornings…

  1. Love it! I should print this out and tape it to my closet door because “those” mornings happen more than I would like to admit ;)

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