Ombre Obsession!

I’m a little hesitant to play around with my hair, specifically the color. However, with a little research and obsession over a stranger’s hair color on MUNI (SF public transit) — I’m caving into this gorgeous style. Some people may claim the Ombre trend is ‘over’ — but hey, if it looks good, who cares what critics say.

What is Ombre? The Ombre style features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends.

Warning: If done wrong, it can look like your roots are just growing out and you’re in desperate need of a touch up. 

Tip: Do your research when selecting a salon (like I said, if done wrong, it’s going to look like your hair is in desperate need of a root touch up). Here’s some YELP Reviews of getting Ombre done at local SF Salons. I’ve also included a DIY video at the bottom of this post for you daring ones.

My Fav Ombre Styles:

mila kunis

Love love love Mila’s Hair. This is what I would get done.

This is a great style too, esp if you want to go more blonde at the bottom.

Love the colors in this one!

This is great choice if you want to be more subtle.

Want to DIY? Check out this video:


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