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415 Fashionista is a blog about style, beauty and all things awesome coming straight to you from San Francisco!

Style, beauty, home decor, art and spreading love is what I’m all about. From collecting fashion magazines from all over the world to helping people with their style, I live and breath fashion. No matter what language you speak, where you’re from or what you do, fashion is a universal language we all speak.

For me, style isn’t about labels, it’s about being able to rock anything. Whether it be from a thrift shop or Saks, a fashionista encapsulates true style from within and displays it as an art form. Money can buy clothes, but it can’t buy style.

Supreet offers personal styling and consulting services. Please visit StyleBySupreet.com for more information. Also check out Style By Supreet on Yelp!
Some of my awesome fashion moments:

New York Fashion Week

  • A real dream come true! I was running around backstage helping models get their clothes on and on the runway. I loved every moment of it. I got to do about 12 shows in one week!

Attending and volunteering at Toronto Fashion Week aka LG Fashion Week

  • I got a chance to learn first hand how great the talent is in Canada, working backstage one-on-one with designers, dressing models, helping out with production and attending some amazing shows was only some of the amazing things I got to experience living in the great white north – http://www.lgfashionweek.ca/

Heading to London for a summer to attend Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design

Working countless hours with some amazing photographers to create fabulous art

Exploring the beautiful cities of Japan – Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto

  • My trip to Japan greatly influenced and ignited my passion for style and fashion. I’ve never seen such creatively, fashionably and fabulously dressed people at one intersection!


Want to get in touch? Hit me up!

Mail: styleme@stylebysupreet.com

Twitter: @415fashionista

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/supreetchahal

Instagram: StyleBySupreet


Supreet aka your (415) Fashionista


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