Sky High Heels That Only Some Dare To Play In…

One of my favorite weekend activities has to be occupying a dance floor and scooping out the creative outfits my fellow night owls pull together. I have to give a shout out, or rather salute, the fashionistas that dare to rock some of these sky-high Jeffery Campbell masterpieces while painting the town red.

All these shoes are available at Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Jeffery

Pauline Platform, $168

Shadow Stud Platform, $255

Forget Platform, $145

Rockette Platform, $148 *Favorite*

Spiked Lita Boot, $195


Eva- B



2 thoughts on “Sky High Heels That Only Some Dare To Play In…

    1. I absolutely adore the aerodynamic inspired heel in my ‘favorite’ pair… The rest, I would probably last an hour in them, but it would be one fabulous hour…

      The key with some of those pairs is the simplicity in the attire you decide to pair them with.

      Imagine wearing black tights, black shorts, opaque black dress shirt, black blazer with the spikey boots.. paired with a long silver necklace (perhaps layered) and some thicker silver bracelets or cuffs with bright red lipstick – so simple, yet super trendy.. This would of course be more of a punk rock inspired look…

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