6 Essentials for the Everyday Man

As much as I love working with women’s fashion, I absolutely adore menswear. My admiration for men’s style has me researching effortless looks that make the everyday man a style star.

Here are my picks for essentials that every man should have in his closet to keep his look fresh and trendy all year round.

The Skinny Suit

(Courtesy of GQ)

The skinny suit is a staple piece that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. What I love about the skinny suit is that no matter what your shape, size or height, this suit will slim and elongate you in a matter of seconds.

Fitted Shorts

(Available at H&M)

Guys, please stay clear of those long baggy cargo shorts every guy thinks does justice to him… it’s all about the fitted Bermuda shorts now. Bermuda shorts have the ability to make you look effortlessly sleek and trendy, and like the skinny suit, slim and elongate. Bonus points if you go for color! H&M has an excellent selection of colors and price ranges.

Essential Jackets

(Ben Sherman)

(G-Star Raw Available at Nordstorm)

(Club Monaco)

If you live in San Francisco you know jackets are crucial all year round. My favorites right now are the Classic Harrington (Ben Sherman) and any Safari style (Club Monaco + G-Star) — I love these jackets because you can layer them so easily for extra style and are thin enough to be a spring and fall jackets.

The Plaid Shirt

(Ben Sherman)

(Club Monaco) 

Whether it’s a plaid or solid shirt, fit is key. Having slim fitted shirts will make you look lean and tall. On a colorful note: Have fun with all the colored plaid prints out there – if you’re a bit shy to wear a lot of color, try tossing a cardigan on top to make the shirt an accent piece instead.


(Sperry, Boat Shoe)

(Allen Edmonds, Oxford Shoe)

Guys, when they say the first thing a girl looks at is shoes, it’s true (at least for me). Right off the bat I can tell if a guy is stylish by looking at his shoes (Boat Shoe/Oxford- You have me interested, Gym shoe – not so much). Have fun with them, go for different colors and styles you normally wouldn’t opt for. Lastly, have at least 5-6 pairs to choose from, you don’t want to be ‘that’ guy who wears the same shoes over and over and over…

Note: Boat shoes are super trendy right now, pair them with bermuda shorts or rolled up jeans and you’ve got the look of the season. Oxford shoes are a classic, whether with jeans or a suit, you’re styling all year round.

The Cardigan

(Club Monaco)  

(Ben Sherman)

The cardigan is the easiest thing anyone can own. Toss it on top of any v-neck t-shirt, shirt or tank — and you’re golden. If I had to pick two essential colors to own, I say navy blue and black — however, I do encourage guys to go for colored options like green or red to add extra spark to an outfit.

If you have any questions or hesitations about menswear – feel free to get in touch, I love helping guys dress! — 415fashionista@gmail.com


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